Studio Policy


Medley Music Studio

Policies and Procedures

My mission is to nurture a lifelong love of music in each of my students, to encourage them to reach their highest musical potential, and for them to have fun learning to play the piano.  Everyone is unique and lessons are based on the goals and interests of each individual and include learning repertoire, theory, technique, sight reading, ear training, improvisation and composition.  Students are also given various performance opportunities throughout the year.  All prospective students begin with an initial interview.  This is an opportunity for the student and parents to get more information about lessons and gives everyone a chance to see if the student and I are a good fit.

 Lessons for Students Preschool - High School

The year is divided into 3 terms:
Fall semester - August through December
Spring semester - January through May
Summer session: June   (Note: There are no lessons during the month of July)

Students receive 18 lessons each semester.  This includes 15 private lessons and 3 group lessons.

Private lessons are 30  or 45 minutes in length.  In addition to private lessons, a music lab (including Midi keyboard, iPad, computer) is available for students to complete any  assignments that may be given during the lesson. 

Group lessons are 1 hour in length. They are held 3 times each semester.  There are no private lessons during the week that group lessons are held.  Group lessons are made up of a small group of students learning theory and ear training, playing musical games and performing for each other in a casual, friendly environment.  Group lessons enhance private lessons and help students feel that they are part of a bigger "Piano Family."  Learning takes place during a group lesson that isn't possible during a private lesson.   Another big benefit of group lessons - they are fun! 


Tuition for 30 minute lessons:
Fall semester: $500.00 - payable in monthly installments of $100.00
Spring semester: $500.00 - payable in monthly installments of $100.00
Tuition for Summer session: $100.00

Tuition for 45 minute lessons:
Fall semester: $650.00 - payable in monthly installments of $130.00
Spring semester: $650.00 - payable in monthly installments of 130.00
Tuition for Summer session: $130.00

Discounted tuition is available for additional students in the same family.  Please contact me for more information.

Tuition may be paid in various ways - by automatic BIll Pay from your banking institution, by personal check, by credit card, by Pay Pal, and with cash.  Full semester payments (with personal check, Bill Pay, or cash) will receive a $25.00 discount.

Late Payments: Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.
Of course I understand if parents forgets a tuition payment so I do everything possible to help them get tuition in on time; however, a $10.00 late fee will be charged for payments made after the 10th of the month.  Tuition payments are not pro-rated or refundable. If tuition payments are 1 month past due lessons will  be temporarily suspended until the payments are up-to-date.

Partner Lessons

Partner lessons are available for 2 students of about the same grade.  They are fun, there's lots of peer motivation and learning from each other, and there are many opportunities for ensemble playing. Lessons are 45 minutes in length and each student pays a discounted rate of $80 per month. For students who would like to do lessons with a friend this is a great option!

Other Expenses

Annual Enrollment FeeThere is an annual enrollment fee of $60.  This fee helps to cover the cost of assignment notebooks, method books, supplemental materials, music lab materials and games, recital incentives, and miscellaneous handouts that are given to students throughout the year.  It also covers monthly subscriptions to various online theory and ear training programs that are used during the lesson and/or at home and it helps cover the rental fee for the recital hall used our Spring Piano Celebration.  Current students pay this Enrollment Fee in July.  New students pay the fee whenever they begin lessons. It is prorated for students starting lessons during the spring semester. Other fees may consist of the entrance/participation costs for outside activities sponsored by the Phoenix Music Teachers Association or other professional organizations.


Attendance is extremely important for progress so every effort should be made to keep your lesson time free of other conflicts. Due to the fact that the studio is running at maximum capacity makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed. However, if you need to miss a lesson due to illness, accident, or a family emergency, each semester contains 2 weeks at the end of the semester that may be used for up to 2 make up lessons.  Students who do not need any make up lessons may use these lessons as bonus lessons.  Credits cannot be issued for missed lessons. 
If you must cancel a lesson please notify me as soon as possible.  You may cancel your lesson by using the studio website calendar (a cancel option is provided), by e-mail, or by text (602-672-7616).

Make up lessons are not available for a missed group lesson but if a student must miss a group lesson, he/she may attend another group lesson that week.

Progress Requires Practice

Studying music is fun and rewarding but it also takes work!   Students receive an assignment sheet each week with specific goals to accomplish.  Although quality practicing is stressed over quantity practicing, more long term progress is made with consistent daily practice than by practicing for a great length of time on one or two days.  Therefore, practicing should be done at least 5 days per week and should be sufficient to accomplish the weekly goals.  The assignment sheet includes a practice record to be completed by the student and signed by the parent.  To encourage students to meet their practice goals, they receive Bach Bucks which can then be turned in for real money.    Parent's are highly encouraged to review their student's notebook after each lesson to be informed regarding completion of past goals and what the new goals are.  For more information on how parents can help make lessons a success, please check out the Parent Page.

Discontinuing Lessons

Everyone stops taking lessons at some point and hopefully when that time comes it will be a positive experience that is thoughtfully discussed and prepared for.  For that reason one month's notice before discontinuing lessons is greatly appreciated.  However, students have the right to end lessons at any time. The student may also be asked to discontinue lessons due to unpaid tuition, excessive absences, unprepared lessons, or lack of interest.

Performance Opportunities

Medley Music Studio has a Spring Piano Celebration each year.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate.   Parents, family members, and friends are are always welcome to attend.  The studio also sponsors a Fall Musicale and Christmas "Cookie Concert" at a nearby care facility. Other performance opportunities include events sponsored by Phoenix Music Teachers Association (Fall Festival, Piano Ensemble, Arizona Study Program, Dean and Carolyn Elder Competition, PMTA Student Recital Series).

General Information

Usually the best way to contact me is by email or text. You can email directly from the studio website or at  Phone calls (602-672-7616) are also welcome.  If you must cancel a lesson at the last minute the best way to contact me is by text since phone calls go to my voicemail while I am teaching. 

Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe lessons at any time.  Parents and siblings may also make themselves comfortable in the waiting area, wait in their vehicles, or run errands so long as they return to pick up their student in a timely manner. 

It is recommended that the students have a sturdy tote bag to carry books and materials to and from lessons. 

Students need a metronome.  Metronomes can be purchased at music stores and there are also numerous free or low cost metronome apps for smartphones.  Either type is fine. 

When arriving for lessons please park in the driveway.  If there are already 2 cars in the driveway please park directly in front of the house and not in front of any other residence. Thanks!

During lessons and  studio events video recordings or photographs may be taken of students for use in the studio scrapbook, advertising materials, lesson demonstration and studio owned websites.  If you do not wish for your student to be photographed please let me know.  The studio follows online safety rules in this matter.

Lessons for Adults

You're never too old to play the piano!  If you've always wished you could make music on the keys now is the time to get started.  Medley Music Studio offers private lessons specifically tailored to the needs and interests of each adult. 

Annual enrollment fee - $30.00
Tuition for adults taking four 30 minute lessons per month - $100.00
Tuition for adults taking two 30 minute lessons per month - $50.00
Tuition for adults taking four 45 minute lessons per month - $130.00
Tuition for adults taking two 45 minute lessons per month - $65.00

Discounted lessons are available for parents of current piano students if the parent takes weekly lessons.  Please contact me for more information. 

My Commitment as a Teacher

Learning to play the piano is a team effort involving the student, teacher, and parent.  To be successful everyone must work together.  Cooperation and communication are vital.  I will:

  • Provide a positive, supportive atmosphere in the studio.
  • Develop an understanding of each student, allowing me to establish goals and plan lessons that are both fun and productive.
  • Guide and nurture each student's musical knowledge, technique, sensitivity, and creativity.
  • Encourage each student to reach his or her own musical potential.
  • Guide each student toward musical independence.
  • Constantly improve my teaching skills, musical knowledge, and music skills by attending workshops and conferences, belonging to professional organizations, reading professional publications, and participating in activities and courses that promote professional growth.

Parent's Commitment

Parental support and encouragement are extremely important since learning a new skill is fun but also requires diligence and hard work. Students with parents who are actively involved make progress much more quickly.  Here are some things to consider.

  • Please make sure that your student is on time for the lesson and has all of the necessary materials.
  • Help your student develop self-discipline and good practice habits by setting aside a regular time  each day for practice.  Provide an environment that is quiet and free of interruptions by such things as friends, family, phone, computer, or TV.  Young children will need assistance with practicing and completing their lesson assignments. 
  • Each student receives a written practice assignment each week.  Please make sure that the practice record is complete and signed. 
  • Please provide an adequate instrument for your student. If you have an acoustic piano make sure that it is tuned and in good condition.  It is very difficult to enjoy playing an out-of-tune piano or one that isn't working properly and it may also affect the development of good playing skills.   If you have a keyboard it should be touch sensitive, have at least 61 weighted keys, and have a pedal.  Since a keyboard limits the amount of technical and musical skill that a student can develop, after a year or so your student  will need a good 88 key digital or acoustic piano to get full benefit of piano lessons.  

Student's Commitment

  • Arrive at the lesson on time, well prepared, with all necessary material.
  • Make a good effort to follow the teacher’s verbal and written instructions
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand.
  • Complete practice goals.
  • Come to the lesson with a positive attitude, ready to learn and have fun!